listen carefully, because i’m going to tell you the plan.

There are a few things one should have before putting a game up on Greenlight.

  • A video and a bunch of screenshots.
  • A kickass description.
  • Followers, or something of the sort.
  • $100

Now, I don’t really have any of those, but the good thing about Greenlight is that once you put it up, there is no time limit. It could theoretically take forever to get up on Steam, but I’m going to assume if your game is good enough, you can get on Steam eventually.

The biggest barrier of entry for me is the last one, funnily enough. Since I’m poor, $100 is no laughing matter. I could buy 100 slices of cheap pizza with that amount of money. Alternatively, I could purchase 101 cans of green tea.

Anyway, the plan. First, I’m going to finish polishing up some things. The game has to look good. Not that it doesn’t now, but some people think it looks boring. Just Unity cubes rolling around like tanks. I’m going to have to add some faux-shading to make it look good. It has to be tasty. I’ll have to give it some visual interest beyond “pastel and particles.”

Secondly, I’m going to flesh out the variety even more. Playtesting was immensely successful at the Games Forum last week. People loved the balance and the flow of the game. Dying wasn’t frustrating since rounds were so quick. The precise and unforgiving weaponry gave it a very competitive feel, while still being satisfying to play.

Yet with all these positives, gameplay beyond 10 minutes was a bit dull due to the lack of variety. People love their powerups and map variety. I can’t blame them. I’ve already added in a shield powerup and two additional weapons are already implemented, with another one just missing a bunch of effects. It’s going well.

By the end of the week I need to get this out. If it’s on Greenlight before the 7th, even better: I’ll get to advertise it to my class. If it’s not, well, it doesn’t really matter. I’ll coax them into signing up for my newsletter.

Anyways, I’m taking a break today/right now. Sundays are for staying inside and playing Battlefield.

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