it has to be presentable and completely delicious to play.


I’ve added yet more polish effects to the laser, such as the lightning on hit and charge sounds. It’s completely delicious to my gamefeel-buds.

Destruction has also been touched up, with some splash damage for more a more powerful effect. The splash will not affect players, of course. It will still only kill if the raycast touches an opponent, so it’s no easier to kill with. The sound upon full charge might enable players to fire the laser more consistently, but that’s just wishful thinking.

The greatest thing is the effect work of the shield powerup. I had to implement a Vector4 SmoothDamp function since Unity doesn’t have one, and although it probably isn’t the exact spring-damper that those guys made, it works well enough for my purposes. The color is damped from the starting yellowish color to the player’s color on a smoothed curve. I’m especially proud of the effect.

The fadeout upon shield destruction is also pretty good. I blink the shield’s color up a couple of notches closer to white, and then fade out the alpha to 0 while fading the scale upwards. Gives it an awesome looking effect—the only thing left is to give it a bit of “momentum” in the direction it gets hit from.

Very cheap yet very delicious.

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