real footage is probably better than canned footage.

Tomorrow is NYU’s weekly Playtest Night on Thursdays. I’m having my good friend of WhaleFood Games help show off Zarvot there. I’ve went to playtest night a few weeks ago, and it was awesome. I played a bunch of games, got some good feedback on mine, and ate some free pizza. Unfortunately unable to come to this one (due to my teaching a Unity workshop), my friend is going in my place to show my game and his.

The big part of all this is that I’m going to get some footage of the game in action. I’ve been lugging around my Surface, and Windows capture utilities are sort of… lackluster, at least in comparison to OS X’s built in screen recorder. My friend is going to use his MacBook and capture some good real footage for me – the first footage I’ll have of actual gameplay.

Then, I’ll just have to learn how to video edit on Friday, cut up a trailer, do some media, and then put it up on Greenlight.

Kinda sounds like a plan, right?


Anyways, new idea. Like what Kieron Gillen does, I’m going to link a song I like at the end of posts.

Let’s start us off with something to you listen to late at night after a long day, neatly snuggled under a brisk, quickly leaving summer.

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