i don’t seem to understand what a setback is.

I’m not an insane person – I have the belief that insane people are the ones who are happy at everything, and put on a smile even during the darkest times. I can’t do that, nor do I claim to be able to.

I should be quite negative right now. Playtest night yesterday yielded exactly 0 hours and 0 minutes of usable footage because of how choppy it ended up. I was going to spend today editing footage into a trailer to put on Steam, but without footage to edit, well, that plan doesn’t really work out.

But see, it’s fine. Instantly got my friends and I to hang out on Sunday. We’re going to play Zarvot for some good footage, make sure we get good footage, and then I’ll edit that shit on Monday and put Zarvot up on Greenlight on Tuesday.

Sounds intensive, but Zarvot is my baby. I’m in no rush, but time won’t stop for me. Once I get back to school in a few weeks, my dev time will unavoidably go down dramatically. I need to rush. Okay, maybe I am insane.

In light of all that, I bought Modest Mouse/Brand New tickets about two months ago. And that concert is tomorrow night. Yeah, yeah, dev time whatever.

It’s Modest Mouse. And Brand New.


Let’s eat some snowflakes with plastic forks.

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