dash, circle, laser.

Based on what I’ve been told about the balance between the three main weapons, I’ve taken it upon myself to re-examine it all. If good enough, a player would be able to win using Circle regardless of the opponents’ skill levels. While the original concept allowed for Dash to make its user invulnerable to Circle, I found it cool that a skilled player would be able to kill a dashing player inches away. So the implementation of such went undone.

Unfortunately, I’ve actually only seen it once – it’s exceedingly hard to pull off due to the very limited range of Circle and the speed of Dash. It was glorious, however.

Because of this rarity, I’ve implemented invulnerability to Circles when a player is dashing. This makes Dash a direct counter against Circle.

Going to playtest this tomorrow with friends, and get some good footage.


Music for tonight is something Modest Mouse didn’t play for me.

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