who do i think i am? dice?

Playtested Zarvot again today with some comic club friends – they loved it. And gave me some very useful feedback. What I found out was first of all, the nerf I did to the circle was WAY over the top. I essentially made it useless. The cooldown was too long, and the actual attack was way too hard to hit for some odd reason. I found out now that there was a bug in the code that rendered a player invincible to Circle as soon as he/she Dashes, but even then it was ridiculously hard to hit another player with Circle due to the enormous cooldown.

Another thing I noticed – everyone LOVED the Laser. And the Dash. The Laser first of all has the best effect in the game (at least in my opinion) and was the default attack that my friends used when killing each other – Dashing was more of a panic thing. The Laser’s just… fun! I am planning still to add an Overcharge ability to Laser. That is, when you charge it up for a long time you will get to move around and hold the charge as well as PIERCE THROUGH WALLS! Sound awesome? It is.

Anyways, patch notes: I’ve fixed the Circle radius problems, reduced Circle cooldown, and ever so slightly increased the Laser charge time.

Excited for Thursday’s playtest night.

PS: Sorry, DICE. I still love you and will play Battlefield games until I die.

Music for tonight is dripping with nostalgia.

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