how many times have i died?

I implemented killcounts in Zarvot. It was a highly requested feature. Highly, HIGHLY requested. I know they say “don’t post screenshots of menus, nobody cares,” but whatever man.

Implementation was easy – I just added a killcount variable to PlayerProperties, and when an attack is done that kills another player, I just increment it.

Alright, so that was so ridiculously simple that I probably didn’t need to burden you, the reader, with such drab details. The hard part was displaying the killcounts and designing the layout such that it is clear whose killcount is whose. Contrary to the post title, however, I have not implemented a death count. I don’t believe such is in good fun right now, but I probably will eventually implement it for statistic purposes.

Also notice the opacity!

I think I did an okay job.


Music for you today is the best midday music.

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