shiny, shiny, shiny boots of zarvot.

Today I finally activated my 30-day trial of Unity Pro. Just to see what effects I could use.
I love it.


Excuse the gif quality. That circle around Purple is an artifact.

Okay, you probably can’t see the differences it made, but trust me, they’re huge. Bloom is the big one. It’s a subtle effect but it really does wonders for the Laser. Chromatic aberration is another (and there goes a huge sigh in the room). Well, I personally love chromatic aberration when done tastefully. If you disagree with the tastefulness of these effects, you will be able to toggle them off. So if you hate bloom or chromatic aberration, just hop into the settings menu and turn that sucker down. That is, if these image effects are even in the final build. Will I actually resign to purchase Pro?

With a student discount, a Pro commercial license is still $650. Ouch. And that’s a $100 off sale on top of the regular student price. I’m going to wait until Unite 2014 finishes, and pray to the Middleware Gods that they’ll lower the price to compete with UE4. I mean, they have to, right?


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