mouse controls… and touch controls?!

I’m working on adding mouse and touch controls to Zarvot—so far I have just finished the menu system integration. But… touch? Why? 

Two reasons.

1) Zarvot Mini. This will be a mobile app, for Android and Windows Phone. Main feature of this is a map editor and exporter, so I would be able to design and “playtest” maps during downtime such as on the train. Of course, this sort of requires a level editor to be implemented into Zarvot itself. But don’t worry about that, okay?

2) Surface Pro. I have a Surface Pro. I’d like it to support Zarvot’s menus at least using touch. And the level editor would be awesome on it as well.

I’d totally put up a gif of mouse controls working for the menu, but that’s decidedly dull as bricks. So here’s the next weapon, rockets, in slow-motion! 

Slow motion rockets.

‘Cause Zarvot you’re a firework.



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