another day another fun workshop 8/28

Held a workshop today. Well, yesterday, since it’s past midnight now.

We made a cool 2D game, that accelerates with a cool camera follower, and will shoot bullets where the mouse is when clicking, to kill enemy spheres (which spawn with an actually pretty good system in my opinion). Simple, but quite incredible for a day’s work, considering¬†some students haven’t ever touched code before! I’m super happy for them.

For you guys, here’s the github repo.

Make sure to email me any questions/comments/feedback. Unless it’s negative! Just kidding. If you’re unsure how to use github, you can just browse through the scripts right on the site or you can download the entire project in a zip and inspect it yourself. Remember, you can email me. It’s cool, I promise.

Anyway, nice day. For everyone else, music.

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