GAMERella jam at NYU

Made a game with some fine folks called Lucent. 1.5 days.

Extra bright I want y'all to see this.

Extra bright I want y’all to see this.

It’s an exploratory game where parts of a music track are scattered around a plane. When you get closer to a track, the spot glows and you start to hear it. When you are directly on it,  you activate it and it’s yours, and the world slightly brightens.

Floating around to other lights, the ground underneath your floating avatar sprouts plants and mushrooms. The tracks start to pile up, as the player collects more and more lights. The world grows brighter and brighter, and the player moves faster and faster. The player itself starts glowing, and the music is a cacophony. The brightly lit ground is absolutely littered with overgrown weeds, mushrooms, and clovers. Upon finding and activating the final light, the screen goes to pure white, ending the game and cutting off the music.

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