STAfE, pronounced “staff.” It’s based on the STAfE from my early work SyberPlunk. The eponymous STAfE “records” the last few seconds of movement, and converts it into kinetic energy. Pressing SPACE will shoot the player up. Pressing SHIFT will direct the player forward. And finally, left clicking will allow you to murder boxes.

In SyberPlunk, the STAfE was originally meant as a tool to lift biomass. After a while, some people got ahold of them and found out they could use it for other means. A popular thrill was something dubbed “plunking.” Plunkers would jump off skyscrapers with a STAfE. Since the STAfE can redirect kinetic energy, they would expend it all just before hitting the ground, allowing them to survive. It was all just a suicide thrill until they started realizing you could redirect the kinetic energy into someone on the ground.


harnessing the power of gravity


reminds me of my rocket jump days


and of course violence

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