I decided this was a good idea after multiple people telling me that gratitude is the key to contentment. I decided to post it here because I wanted a place to express it without being imposing, but did not want to keep it to myself.

In the order they come to my mind.

  • Unity3D, since this is my devblog.
  • C#, since it’s so beautifully easy.
  • My laptop, because it is a useful tool, and a friend.
  • My fingers, as without them I cannot type.

  • My (wide array) of headphones and speaker systems, to keep me company.
  • List<T>, because it is effortless.
  • Dictionary<Key, Value>, because it is amazingly easy to use, and fast.
  • Battlefield, for giving me an outlet to explode things with other people.
  • WordPress, for hosting this devblog.
  • Bootstrap, for providing my website’s spine.
  • MonoDevelop, despite its crashyness, still has all the features I need.
  • Vi, because it makes my programming go wot faste.
  •, for being ridiculously hilarious, honest, and human.
  • Blender, for being so feature rich and powerful, yet completely open-source.
  •, for making me feel so warm and fuzzy at night.
  • Adobe, for creating tools powerful beyond belief.
  • mewithoutYou, for writing “The Fox, The Crow, and The Cookie.”
  • Microsoft, for allowing me to develop for Xbox One.
  • Nintendo, for allowing me to develop for Wii U.
  • All my friends who have helped me along the way. I hate to lump them all in one bullet point, but I wouldn’t want to leave anybody out.
  • Bullet lists. They’re so convenient!
  • My health. I’m not dying or in constant pain, it helps me program.
  • The internet.
  • Libraries, they’re brilliant places to work.
  • NYC, for being deep.
  • The English language, for being so stupid yet expressive.
  • Shaders, for being so amazing at rendering things.
  • Skateboards, for being so brutally cool.
  • Trees, for helping us all breathe.
  • Ridges and trenches, for helping distribute heat and crust around the planet.
  • Water, since it’s so tasty.
  • My eyes, because they help me see.
  • My glasses, because they help my eyes see.
  • My brain, because it helps me do things.
  • My life, because it lets me do things.
  • You, for reading this.
  • Me, for writing this.
  • And myself, for always being there.

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